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Thursday 30 June 2022

Fokker S.14 project termination and publication

Since 2017, I've been working on an FSX/P3D Fokker S.14 Machtrainer jet training aircraft from the 1950's. Together with Emile Lancee, we've gathered quite much information (such as drawings). I also created a large part of the exterior model. However, time and other issues do not permit me to continue this project. The WIP files will be made available publicly via the channels mentioned later on this blog.

To warm you guys up, here a few screenshots.

Friday 1 January 2021

Fokker T.5 FSX/P3D first week FAQ

Hi all,

Here, I'll try to address some of the most frequently asked questions about operating the T.5. Furthermore, I will also mention some of the planned fixes in a future version (if they can be addressed at all).


  1. Where can the bombsight window be found? In the manual, it is stated that it is found under the third 2D view, but that is incorrect. It can be found under the second 2D view, and only if the bombsight is placed into position;
  2. Are there custom sounds on the add-on? The T.5 is equipped with a variety of custom sounds, like manual fuel pump, gear warning horns and braking sounds. This is controlled by a certain gauge. This gauge is different for 32-bit and 64-bit simulators, and has a different folder. Please find page 10 in the manual to find the instructions;
  3. How can the top hatches (windscreen and sliding roof) be used? They cannot be operated by standard simulator exit commands. The sliding roof can be operated by clicking on it. Closing it can best be done from the top gunner view since the external skin of the roof is clickable as well. The windscreen can only be used if there's hydraulic pressure, so when either the right hand engine runs or the manual hydraulic pump is operated. Mind to open the securing plate when the windscreen should be closed;
  4. The lights of the plane do not work after pressing the command. The lights are governed by the (custom) electrical system and therefore only work when there's electrical current on the plane. For that, refer to the next question;
  5. How does the electrical system work? The "Veld" (Field) knob on the marconist's electrical panel regulates the amount of current delivered by the generators and thus the charging-discharging state of the batteries. Mind, that the five-position knob is set to either one or both generators. Otherwise, set it to battery, but that will eventually drain the battery;
  6. Can the propellers be feathered? No, just like in the real deal, they cannot. This was a problem with the real T.5's which were plagued by engine problems.

Found issues
  1. Propeller rotation is clockwise where it should be counter-clockwise;
  2. Directional gyro on pilot's panel is not working correctly;
  3. Radio will die after some minutes or not work at all (ATC);

For now, I want to wish you all the best blessings for 2021 and happy flights with the T.5!

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Saturday 26 December 2020

Fokker T.5 for FSX and P3D freeware released!

 Hi everybody,

I'm glad to notify that yesterday I released the Fokker T.5 for FSX and P3D! The addon can be found as a download on the regular websites, while I'm working to get it online on other sources as well. So if you can't find it yet on your favorite distribution platform, stay tuned!

For now, a few instructional videos to help you get flying.

Have fun flying!

Thursday 29 October 2020

Fokker T.5, blog status

 Hi everybody,

It's quite some time ago that I posted here. A lot of things have come along, and progress with the T.5 has been slowly. Yet, today I released a beta version of the plane. That is something to celebrate.

Some images:

Saturday 18 March 2017

Lewis gun

Hi there,

Last few weeks, I've been working on the Lewis gun, atop the fuselage. Here's a picture of the 3D:


And it's mounted on a Fairey gun stand. The workings are demonstrated in the video:

In this short video, the Fairey gun ring with a Lewis gun mounted is demonstrated. It has two modes of operation:
- Mouse controlled, when the user is still flying;
- Joystick controlled, when the AP is switched on.
Obviously, this Fokker did not have an AP. However, the commander (in the nose) had a direction commander: a set of lights with which he was able to command the pilot into a certain heading. Since a multicrew aircraft might be difficult to operate in FSX for a single user, I expanded this to a simple autopilot. Now, the user can play commander, gunner or radio-operator without worrying about the controls.

Wednesday 28 December 2016

Best wishes!

Hi there!
I've been very busy last week, I even forgot to wish you all the best for Christmas... So, now, best wishes for the remainder of this period!
Regarding the T.5, the major part of the texture redo is done. This is how the cockpit looks now.
I've also redone the plafonnier here, thanks to new references.
What are the next plans for the T.5? Well, first addressing all these issues:
-- Add weak suggestion of structure in exterior wood bumpmaps.
-- Window textures not yet completely satisfactory.
-- Bump maps are too weak.
-- Set reflection scale everywhere to 100.
-- Add prototype 850 paintjob.
-- Landing lights/avionics switch label is too blurry.
-- Check screws at gauges.
-- Model control cables and horns on flight surfaces.
-- Wheel bays equipment (rubber bands etc.).
-- Exit 2: bad modelling of gunner area.
-- Crew head movement might be faster.
-- Commander should lean into turn (if possible).
-- Model control cables and horns on flight surfaces.
-- Lift-off too soon probably. Cross-check with original data (and loadcase!!) required.
-- Take-off trim requirement might be included for realistic behaviour.
-- Add crew/loadout management module.
-- Include specs sheets. 
Next, I will publish another beta...

Tuesday 20 December 2016

Current status

Hi everybody,
In the past few months, a lot has been going on, but I somehow lacked in keeping my blog up-to-date. One of the reasons might have been that Google Drive ceased its hosting services, so I had to replace all image links.
Anyway, I have been doing some nice things regarding the T.5. A major thing has been solved: the automixture system and the complete engine behaviour. The figure below refers to the throttle quadrant, which now controls the automixture in either auto-lean or auto-rich modes.

Until I get my hands at more information, I assume the engine behaviour is completely correct now. Everything involved a lot of testing. In FSX, this is also playing sometimes. I tried out Reshade shaders, but rejected them due to performance decrease.

Big part of the past time was weathering the interior. Difficult! A result can be seen below. The pilot's seat is weathered rather realistic and comprehensive. However, since in September the beta testing started, I decided to redo all mapping of the interior.

Another fine thing that has been solved, is the radio-operator's station. The radio itself is programmed (within FSX limitations), as can be seen below.

I also made another texture for the T.5: the 850. This registration has also an operational history, comparable with the 856. Here we see both stablemates flying over the Waddenzee.

Then, on September 24, a beta version V0.60 entered beta phase. Feedback of this test was the low resolution of the big interior textures. That is, mapped resolution. Therefore, I decided to completely rearrange the interior textures. For example, I relocated the leather textures to a dedicates, smaller sheet, also to benefit from a possible detail texture map.

Also, the riveting of the interior was redone, the result is now far better. This remapping and retexturing does take quite some time, unfortunately. And next would be the weathering...

Well, that's for the business end of FSX development. As devoted members of the Dutch Aviation Forum (www.nederlandseluchtvaart.nl), we had a meeting early September. Sadly, one of our most respected members, Jaap "Tracker" de Moor died in November. He shall be remembered forever on our forums.

That's it for now!